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Retirement Investment

Retirement Investment

The process of investment planning, the basic rule to saving for the rainy day with proper planning, is researching, finding, and adopting certain effective strategies to invest well, in order to create and accumulate the kind of resources and wealth that you wish to have for later in life. All planned investing behavior is goal driven, and specifically personal investing is driven generally by two overall goals:

Sadly, not a lot of people have a clear understanding of their goals and go about investing haphazardly, without any kind of a plan. In order to make sure that you are saving for the rainy day with proper planning, research the options available and consider the services of qualified CPAs. Think of planning as a step by step process that has many elements.

CASH: consists of bank balances, currency, coin, negotiable money orders, and checks of all kinds. Keep only enough cash to meet your regular living expenses and hold the rest in cash equivalents. These are relatively safe, short-term investments easily and quickly convertible into cash. Various types include

STOCK: A stock is an equity security. If you hold one or more shares of stock in a company, you actually own a small piece of the company. Stocks are sold to raise money for expansion, debt pay off, and operating capital. The percentage of ownership is based on the number of shares held, as a percentage of total shares issued. Stocks generally give higher returns than bonds or cash equivalents. However, consider the risks before investing. Various types include

Some of the other instruments for saving for the rainy day with proper planning are

Before investing any sizable amount in any way, consult an expert, CFP, attorney or a CPA.